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Burlap Bow Picture Frame

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This week we created burlap bow picture frames from This was an easy project, and turned out very well. The original plans can be found here. We already had plenty of scrap wood to use on this project, so we came in well under the $3 per piece expectation. All in all, we made 4 frames to give away as Holiday gifts.

Can be found at most craft or hardware stores
  1. Burlap Ribbon
  2. Hot or Super Glue
  3. Gorilla Wood Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Twine or Leather cord
  6. Alligator clips
  7. Wood
I always disassemble my projects before staining.

How to make the Wood Frames:
I used a 1 x 12 pine board for the frame, and a 1/2 x 3 poplar board for the base. This was the scrap wood I had around the shop, but you can use whatever wood you prefer.
  1. Cross cut your frame board to 8 inches
  2. Cut your base board to 6 inches
  3. I used my Kreg jig to join the pieces together, but you could just use wood glue since this joint won’t encounter much stress.
  4. Optionally, you could use a router to soften the edges and give the frame a unique design. 
  5. Drill two holes near the top of your frame for the sting that holds the bow. It doesn’t have to be perfect, since these holes will be covered up by the burlap bow.
  6. Stain the wood to your preference, and sand around the edges once dry. The sanding gives the wood character, and gives it that “antique” look. 
Pocket Holes with my Kreg JigHoles for the bow don't have to be perfect.

How to make the Burlap Bows:
The bows do not have to be burlap but I prefer it for this project.
Bow covers up the holes perfectlyVariety of stains.

  1. Measure and cut 16 inches of burlap ribbon.
  2. Using hot glue or super glue, glue the two raw ends of the ribbon creating a circle.
  3. Cinch the middle of the circle together creating the bow shape and glue the center fold to hold the bow’s shape.
  4. Measure and cut 3.5 inches of burlap ribbon.  At this point you can cut the ribbon in half and tie it in a knot OR fold it in half and then glue it in the middle of the bow.  *if you choose to do the knot. Place the knot in the middle of the bow and secure it with glue.
  5. Before putting the finishing touches on your bow place a piece of twine or leather cord on the back of the bow so that you may tie it to the frame then glue on the rest of the tie.
  6. Once your bow is complete put your leather cord or twine through your holes at the top of your frame then place a small amount of glue between the holes to secure your bow to the wood.
  7. Once the bow is secure tie a double knot at the back for a nice finished look.

How to place the Alligator Clip:
Note- If you have stainless steel clips a simple way to age them is to place them in vinegar for an hour or so.
Get as close to the  burlap as possible. Careful with the glue though.
  1. Gorilla Wood Glue is the best for this, simply brush it lightly on the back of the clip.
  2. Place the clip right under the center of the bow, very close to the knot.
  3. Wait until the glue is completely dry (to be safe about one hour). Open and close the clip to make sure it is secure.

Finally- Enjoy your new stylish frames. Or do what we did, and give them away as gifts for family.

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